Hi Everyone,

Nothing like laying in a cold mountain stream to make ya feel good.



Wilson and I went on a mushroom expedition to find some King Boletus, a most soft after mushroom in the Rockies.  I went back to the house and cooked them up with grilled chicken.  Pretty tasty.  There seem to be tons of Poodles, Labordoodles, and Goldendoodles up here.  Wilson has many friends.  The last picture is a couple of canvas prints that Amanda and Michelle gave me in honor of the passing of Lola.  I brought them up here to decorate the CB house.  Perhaps the absence of Lola this year has made the summer retreat not as enjoyable as last year.  Also, the weather has been  very cold and rainy a lot of the time.

So, tomorrow I leave for Aspen to watch the Motherlode Volleyball tournament that I played in for 6 years in a row.  I found an awesome VRBO rental I got it at a VERY discounted rate.  I plan on sharing the “OVER THE TOP RALPH LOREN” PENTHOUSE  with Pam, Adam,Mike C  and others.  It will be different not playing this year.  I guess all things must change.

My plan is to be back in Dallas on Labor Day.  There is another big tenant finish out that has been looming over my head.  I have 9 weeks to get it done before my Tasmanian Adventure in November.

Best to you all,