Lucky find on my part.  After canceling my Asia trip early last month, I decided I needed a bit more vacation.  I ran across the Miraval Resort on a web search and booked the trip.  It was perfect timing because the Spa building just reopened May 1st after a 6 million dollar renovation.  The driver who picked me up at the airport thought I was another architect coming to see the new structure.  It is very well designed.

There are a slew of activities to choose from all day long.  This morning I went on a 2 hour hike from 7:00AM to 9:00AM.  I am doing Quantum Leap in an hour.  This place is like summer camp for adults.   Or to be more specific, WOMEN!!!!!!.  Jeez, I am greatly out numbered.  It was a bit strange at first, but I am getting used to it now.

Last night I went to a lecture done by a local sculpture that has many stone sculptures on the property.  The photo of what looks like white fence posts is actually white marble that he did.  It is going to be removed tomorrow because it was a commissioned installation that they have now decided really does not blend in with the over all design.  There is art, sculpture, and landscape features spread out over the whole property.

I was hoping for some clean air to breath out here where people with asthma move for an pollen free inviroment.  WRONG,,,,,, The yellow stuff that looks like snow is pollen from all the blooming Mesquite trees.  It’s really bad.  Apparently this is the only time of year it happens.  I have never been a huge fan of the desert, but on today’s long hike I see why people love it.  Especially artists.  The blue skies, no wind, and lighting make everything radiate with color.  The shadows and contrasting colors and textures are amazing.

Thanks to my sisters Kaye, Beth, Francie and Carol for following my BLOG.  Also thanks to JP, Gloria, Jeff, Chris K. and others that have thanked me for including them in my travels.  I have over 75 people that are listed as followers, but I think the email notices must be going to their junk mail.  If you do like reading these rambling blogs, please make a “reply post” on the site. (say you like or don’t like it)  Im curious who really reads these things.

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