I departed Koh Samui to the smaller quiet island Koh Phangan with its reputation for the “FULL MOON” party. I was at the north end of the island on a quiet secluded beach, staying at the Anantara Rasananda Hotel. Happily, they had upgraded me to a ocean suite with plunge pool and outdoor shower for no extra cost. SWEET!!!!! The hotel was in a tiny village with just one quiet street and few local restaurants. No cars, no traffic, just strolling island style.

Morning Glory. This is one of my favorite dishes when in Asia. This is a vining plant that only grows in certain wet areas. The vines grow about twelve inches a day. Each day the new growth is harvested and stir fried with garlic and oyster sauce. YUMMMM.

You can’t find this dish in the States. It is somewhat like a one day old string bean that is both sweet and tender. (See photo below of the eighteen inch rectangular plate.) I could easily spend a year just eating my way around Asia. Great locally grown, fresh food prepared with love.

The photo of me in a bathrobe lying down in the Cabana adjacent to my plunge pool is just before a Thai massage. Sadly, I stopped the massage after just thirty minutes. Before the massage I explained to the masseuse to work on my lower back and hamstrings and not on my left shoulder. I have a twenty year old knot from a slight rotator cuff tear that many a massage therapist has felt and tried to work out. But, trust me, massage does not repair or resolve the knot. She spent thirty minutes on my upper back and shoulders. The poor girl almost cried when I stopped the massage early, but it was a relief and also gave me more ocean swimming time.

One day a very short yoga session was offered and I wish there had been more offerings since the yoga deck had a truly epic view.

Next stop…. The Philippines and heading back home.