Another epic day in Colorado.  Had lunch up on a trail overlooking a mountain stream.  After lunch Adam headed off on his ATV in search of mushrooms.  So for the next few hours the dogs and I went on a hike up the valley.  There were a few people fishing the stream and thank god Wilson did not disrupt them in their efforts to catch a trout. The water was ice cold but he was happy just laying in the water to cool off.


I have been here over 2 weeks now and I still have not seen a bear.  I keep hoping.  If I wold get up at 5:00AM I am sure I might have better luck, but that’s not my style.


After a few hours I met back up with Adam and he hit the motherlode of mushrooms.  He is making beef, pasta and mushrooms for dinner tonight at my place with some oyster mushrooms he found.  They look like the ones you buy in the store, but these are a bright white, smell great and are only one day old.


Thanks for following my BLOG.  If you want to post a comment would be great.  Just look for the link.  My sister Francie arrive tomorrow morning, so I will get her to write the postings for the next few days………..

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