Greetings from Boracay Beach Resort in the Philippines.  After touring Tasmania for 2 weeks I have traveled north to the warm tropical waters of White Beach in the Philippines. The resort appears to be undamaged by typhoon “Yolanda.”  The attention to details and perfection are obvious by the private yacht pick-up from the mainland, to the staff greeting you by name.

In regards to the “Sometimes it feels GREAT to be an American” comment, it happened at the beachfront restaurant the first night.  I was sitting at the bar having tapas and the manager came over and asked where I was from.  When I told him I was an American he said he didn’t see many Americans at the resort and he wanted to shake my hand.  He then proceeded to tell me the story about the Super typhoon that wiped out the airport in Tacloban City.  The airport had been closed and un-operational for 7 days leaving the victims stranded without any help.

When the American military officer arrived he told the people he would have the airport up and running 24/7 within 24 hours.  Only the American Military can come in with such force to make the impossible happen without question.  Since that date the aid from around the world began flowing in nonstop.  You hear many bad things about what our country does around the world.  How refreshing it felt to see first hand what GOOD we can do.  I think the manager shook my hand and thanked me 4 times. He bought me free wine and made me feel like a celebrity.  Yes,,,,,, it does feel good to be an American.

The rest of my time here in paradise has been taking a cooking class to make Margherita pizza, having a personal trainer stretch you out after a workout, daily spa treatments and kayaking.  I fly back home on Thanksgiving night.



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