My sister Beth and I began our Tasmanian trip on November 5, 2013.  It seems so long ago that I walked aboard the First Class Cabin of the Quantas Airbus A-380.  WOW,,,,, what a plane.  It is the world’s largest commercial aircraft with a luxurious First Class cabin of only 12 personal suites.  The plane was so quiet you didn’t feel like you were flying.

Our rough plan was to spend 3 nights in each of the following towns.
1. Hobart: Southern coast port town with wineries, MONA museum, art galleries, great street cafes, and the prison from the 1800’s on Port Arthur.
2.  Swansea:  Eastern seacoast town for more wineries, National Parks, and hiking.
3.  Launceston:  Northern costal town for more hiking, wineries and sight seeing.
4.  Strahan:  East Coast fishing town with river cruise, more prison tours, and the high mountains of ………………….

The beauty of traveling with Beth is everything is up for change and modification due to weather, $$$, mood or new discoveries. After encountering the first 5 days of rain, cold, REALLY expensive prices on food and lodging, we both agreed to just bag the trip ealy and depart.  However, traveling on a  AAdvantage Award ticket we discovered leaving early was not an option.  So we moved on and found cheaper hotels, sunny warm days, and discovered new things along the way. (We turned lemons into lemonade.)

We covered hundreds of miles with the direction of my tour guide, AKA  sister Beth.  She had read the Lonely Planet guide book from cover to cover.  She found some real finds in the great state of Tasi. Beth headed home a few days ago, and I headed north to the equator and warmer weather in the Philippines.

Best to you all,

Rambling Gary