My sister Beth and I started our journey to Thailand on Wednesday morning October 31, 2012. The plan was to meet at the Narita airport Admirals Club, relax for a few hours, take a shower and board another 6 hour flight to Bangkok. Her flight from Chicago was delayed so when I arrived (also, late,,,, thanks AA), I had about 5 mintutes to leave her a quick note and a copy of my credit card information. I ran to catch the next flight to Bangkok.

Beth however,,,,,,, arrived in Bangkok the next morning after flying to Koala Lumper, then Bangkok. Fortunately she was traveling first class and had access to clubs in Japan and KL to relax and shower. I finally found her at the airport in Bangkok after looking for 2 hours. We hung out in the Thai Airlines Club for a few more hours because our final flight to Ao Nang was delayed.

We finally arrived at Ao Nang and stayed in a nice new hotel.

Everyday was started with a swim in one of 4 great long cobalt blue swimming pools.

The first day we took a longtail boat to Riley Beach about 20 minutes south. This area of Thailand is famous for the towering limestone mountains and cliffs. The James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” was filmed here.

The second day we booked a kayak trip with a couple of worthless guides and a guy from Korea. It was “interesting” and also a bit frustrating because I had taken the same trip a few years ago and had a wonderful experience. The first time I was fortunate to have to inteligent and knowlegable guides that spoke great English. One of the highlights of the trip was going threw a narrow Mangrove passage with the Korean guy playing Disco music on his I-Phone. I suppose it was his way of adding to our experience.

Much of our time has been spent eating the great Thai FOOD!!!!!!! WOW….. One of my favorite dishes has been the fresh Morning Glory cooked in oyster sauce. It is picked fresh and served the same day. Something you won’t find in the US.

We departed Ao Nang yesterday by private car and headed north 2 hours to Khao Lak. Now my job of tour guide has been handed off to Julia Tindall.

We will spend the next 10 days with the yoga group.  Today was a day of walking the beach and exploring.  There are still shows signs of the 2004 Tsunami.  The picture of lizard is in the rubber tree grove by the hotel.

Today was ended with another great meal at a restaurant owned by a French man.  The signature dish was fried spring rolls stuffed with Mozzarella cheese.