I am back home in palapa #9. This has been my home for the past 4 winters while on yoga retreats. I have my usual Iguana that suns itself every day in the ledge of my open air view of the beach. The sound of the surf is medicine for the soul

I have finished one yachting book, one Passage Maker magazine, and starting my second book. The Jan/Feb issue of PM has a great story about a guy who takes his Nordhaven across the Northwest PAssage. He basically used the boat as an ice breaker. What a story.

The first book I read was written by a husband and wife who are live abroad owner of a Nordhaven 43. Here are a couple of line.

State of Mind: a sense of freedom, adventure, accomplishment and well-being all in one. We have found this mental state to be very healthy and one of the major reasons we continue to enjoy this life style.

Even though you may still be physically connected to the dock, there is a feeling that you are free of ordinary everyday life. For us we feel like we are on vacation every time we step aboard.

In case it is not obvious, I a dreaming of owning a yacht.