WOW…..  it’s been a long time since my last BLOG entry.  I must be too busy or too tired to write.  My sister Beth headed home over a week ago after the yoga retreat.  She once again had a hell of a time getting on flights and spent the night in Japan.  I miss having her companionship and conversation.  She is such a great person to travel with, especially on this trip which had it’s challenges.  She lets everything just roll off and stays a steady course.

This yoga group this time was an odd mix.  Thank god I had Beth and Katy (from 2 previous trips).  We had a couple of people on the trip who could hardly walk.  Makes it difficult to see the sights and explore.  So the 3 healthy people just made the best of a bad situation.  Here are some Highlights:


Thai Cooking Class:  We had a great time learning to cook Thai food from an awesome woman named Kwan.  She was a great teacher, but more amazing is her story.  She lost her house, 3 cars and everything in the 2007 Tusami.  After she helped her town people with voluntering and support, she looked around and thought what could her village people use.  She had a friend in Bangkok who knew a man in the furniture business.  He was a smart man and when he met Kwan he gave her a 60 day line of credit to distribute furniture.  Now she owns the largest furniture store in Khao Lak, the cooking school, and a top notch tour company with over 30 employees.  A true story of rags to riches.  It refreshing to see what a woman can do with hard work and creativity in another country.


Rubber Trees:  “Oops there goes another rubber tree plant”    There are many people who harvest and dry the rubber drained from Rubber Trees.  It is rolled out into what look like car floor mats.  After many weeks of work they sell each mat for about 80 cents.


Thai Food:  Thai people eat about 8 times per day.  Stopping in the fresh market they get everything.  My favorite dish is Morning Glory in Oyster Sauce.  I have a hand full of it at the market (see picture).  It grows in water and is not the same at the Morning Glory we grow in the States.  I am going to miss this taste treat and the smiles of the Thai people.


There is a picture of Deep Fried Morning Glory that was a work of art. (not done in the usual sauce)


Southern Phuket Marina and Captain Brian:    I spent a few days in southern Phuket looking at boats and talking with Brian Calvert the owner of a 46 Selene.  He left Seattle about 2 years ago on an adventure that continues.  He has been to 12 countries and has made his life wondering Southeast Asia living the dream.  I may go back and do some training with him this winter.  His knowledge and experience is vast.


My flight for Hong Kong leave is 15 minutes so I will begin my journey back to the other side of the world.  I feel like a changed man after these 30 days of travel.